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gap junction
Fertile Ground version (in Messina Google Drive)
First studio full run (in Fall for Fall Google Drive)
Demetrius photos and video clips
Photos also in 
2022 spring photos (Brian)
5 min and 2 min clips on desktop


strudel - open dance ensemble
(In Fall for Fall Drive)

flesh memories
Gibney rehearsal video (Youtube)
Koresh Video (in Messina Google Drive and on desktop)
Roxey Ballet Fundraiser (Youtube)
Photos on desktop

we let our hair down
Gibney video
(in Messina Google Drive)
Practice Run Dixon Place 
(in Fall for Fall Google Drive)
Photos also with Demetrius
photos on desktop
Dixon Place video on Computer desktop
Gibney video on computer desktop

through-line (in Messina Google Drive)
Show Video

through-line (in Messina Google Drive)

video from philly on desktop
Photos here.


weave completed video
(Angela Harris drive)

1 min on desktop
weave - 3 versions - Fall for Fall 2020 (in Fall for Fall Google Drive

buzz (roguewaveroguewave google drive)

The Festival

Friday photos are lost (Lori), Saturday photos (Julien), Sunday photo (Walter)

Friday photos in fall for fall drive (Jada), Saturday photos (James - fall for fall drive), Sunday photo (Neil)

Things I've Danced in

Memory tones of the body - Mayu - 1 min snip on desktop
Animus material on desktop
Golden phrasework on desktop
LINK material.- Omar and Amy
VCR II July 2021 - Last Kit Show
Purgatory at summer solstice
VCR I May 2021 Saturday
Figment w the allergic reaction
Women in Dance
Modus I 2019 PAS shows
patsys piece
Leos piece
animus video?
megs video for danny?
jacques piece
circle of love

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